Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sharks Walking Around the Studio

I had a request to create a character for a local martial arts studio. Among other programs, there is a decently sized group of guys that train in mixed martial arts, or MMA. The owner was looking for an anthropomorphized shark with MMA gloves and some board shorts. I had an enjoyable challenge and was pleased with the direction I had chosen. Here are two sketches that were part of the development process.

(Earlier, I vented about client direction that I disagreed with. I elected to remove that portion of the post, and I'll try to be more positive in the future!)

Friday, February 08, 2008

comp for catalog cover

I was asked to do some art for a manufacturer's sales catalog cover.
This is one of the initial comps I did.
Creature hand holding a crystal ball...just mind-blowing, I know.
I sketched the hand and ball with a colored pencil, then dropped in color in Photoshop.
The flame in the background is from a photo I shot on a campout. I love being a Scoutmaster and putting campfire photography on the clock!