Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kayak & Kolob Reservoir

After a recent trip to CA, I raced home and took my wife to a nearby man-made lake that lies on the northern slopes of Zion National Park. I had hoped for one campsite in particular, and we got it!
Just in time, in fact, to see the surrounding thunderstorms part their gloomy curtains for a polychromatic spectacle of wonders.
I plan on taking the easel next time.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


My uncle recently gave me a 3-man kayak. My friend Joe and I took most of our kids and his wife to an alpine reservoir to try it out. There's an island in the middle of the lake that's large enough to camp on. A cluster of boulders drapes from the shoreline into the water, forming pools and crevices for crawdads to enjoy, and trout carcasses collect there. I'm sure the local gull population loves it.
I didn't have a pole, but we did catch some fish. Hold on to your stomach, if fish skulls disturb you.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Crazy Boy Scouts...I love these guys!

I'm heading off to camp next week, and our troop needed a Class-B uniform, or in other words, a t-shirt that they could beat the living seams out of, thus keeping their regular uniforms (with all of the regalia) intact.

One scout suggested a new troop name that I thought was hilarious. Technically, they're supposed to come up with the design themselves, but I'm out of time. I banged this design out this evening, and we'll print it up on Monday morning.