Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Pirates, Pizza

This guy was part of a series of pirate character concepts I developed for a pirate-themed restaurant in St. George, UT. I haven't seen the sign over the door yet, but there is an ad in the phone book, so I suppose I will not be undermining the big reveal, should it ever actually happen.
I was able to design the interior as well as the logo, so I'm looking forward to the big event.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Rumplestiltskin - Theatre Poster

I had REALLY wanted to illustrate this one, but did not have the time. Thank goodness for digital cameras and image editing tools.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Fair(l)y Rough

This is a rough I did for a character design last year. I was shooting for a cute, doe-eyed young girl.
Figured I'd lighten up the somber mood from the last two posts.

Fred Harrison - a Great Man, a Great Friend

Fred passed away over a week ago. He and I were discussing the formation of a creative services agency or consortium during the last two months. We were both excited about it. He had a beautiful portfolio and was at once affable, sensitive to others, brilliant , gentle in demeanor, aggressively creative, and loved living.

Complications that arose months after a valve surgery contributed heavily to his demise. It was sudden and unexpected, as he was relatively young (mid-50's), and a fitness and martial arts buff.
His dear wife let me know the devastating news over week ago. I was unable to attend his funeral, as it had already transpired.

I'm trying to put a benefit auction together for his family, so, if you have any bright ideas, let me know. I'll be putting design/illustration/photo services on the block, as part of a group of creatives in the area.

The post title is a link to his website, where you may download a copy of his portfolio.

Fred, I'll miss you brother. We'll see each other soon enough, but I can wait. Hope you understand. ;)

Charleton Heston

This is my small tribute to a great artist and a great man.